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‘Eric Leiser: Hologalactic’ to Occupy with Art (OAS), School’s Launch Aug 17, 2012

Featured to be among the first speakers to launch officially Occupational Art School (OAS), Eric Leiser will lecture on ‘new’ multidimensions reflected in the physical universe– using as a concretized example, ‘Eric Leiser: Hologalactic’, the artist’s Allthingsproject summer 2012 exhibition.

Lecture takes place @ BAT HAUS (Williamsburg), Friday, August 17, 2010, 6 – 9p, 279 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY. Co-organizer and amazing instigator Paul McLean will provide introduction to OAS.


Thank you to all at Occupy with Art and BAT HAUS. Whether plazas, voting booths, churches, galleries, let’s Occupy our local institutions by gathering voices, asking larger questions, and being fully present !



Art:21 Screening. Thank you!

Some of us took a welcome break from FRIEZE week’s worth of work & activity, watching ART:21 “Art in the Twenty-first Century”, the PBS award-winning series on contemporary artists. Organized and curated by Morgan Riles (ART:21 Exclusives editor) and Adam Tyson (Art@Tekserve), the screening of selections from Season 6 was a nice party!

-El Anatsui
-Ai Weiwei
-Glenn Ligon
-Sarah Sze
-Marina Abramovic
'History' : Marina Abramović (A video collaboration with Charles Atlas) © Art21, Inc. 2012

“History”, Segment: Marina Abramović (A video collaboration with Charles Atlas)
© Art21, Inc. 2012

We had much to chat about afterwards of course, especially after the slowly rising crescendo of the Marina Abramovic episode. As Gallery Curator at Allthingsproject, I thought that one episode especially took great advantage of the video-television medium and documentary format– representative of the best of ART:21!

Thank you once again to Morgan and Adam! And thank you beautiful audience!